Online Team Spirit Stores

We Do All The Work For You

1.  We build your team's online store with the products and designs you choose

2. Team members order individually and pay online during the time the store is open for business

3. When the store closes, we compile the orders and begin production

4.  Once all the goods are ready, we Bag & Tag orders individually

5.  The completed orders are now ready to be handed out or picked up in the store

If you would like to use your store as a fundraiser, we can do that too

Here's a sample store:

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Questions and Answers

How are products priced?  The base price of your product will depend on the apparel, product and decoration applied.  Products are priced based on the lowest minimum quantities required.  If the item is required by the team, we are able to lower the base price.

Are there minimum quantities? Yes,minimums will vary by product.

What happens if my team does not meet minimums? The team can purchase remaining items to meet minimums or we will cancel and refund that item. We have strategies for planning your products so that minimums can be met.

How long will the online store be open? We recommend that you keep your store open no longer than two weeks.

How long will it take to receive the orders?  After the store closing date it will take about 10 - 14 business days to complete all orders.

Will I need to sort merchandise?  No, we bag and tag the orders for easy hand out.

How do individuals place an order? We provide a direct link to send out and an e-flyer showing products and online ordering instructions.  The e-flyer can be emailed or printed as a hand out.

What are the delivery options?

Team pick-up: A team representative can pick up all orders and hand them out.

Shipping: Orders will be shipped directly to each customer.  Shipping charges will apply

Individual Store Pick-Up: Orders will be available for pick-up in our University Mall store during store hours

Do you accept returns?  Custom apparel and accessories with a team logo or individual name are not eligible for return or exchange for any reason, including incorrect size.

If someone misses the deadline, can they still place an order? To ensure on time delivery and best pricing for everyone in the group we are unable to take or change orders after the store closing date. 

How will I know my order went through?  Once you have placed an order, you will receive a confirmation by email.  If you do not receive the emailed order confirmation, your order was not placed.

When are credit cards charged?  Credit cards will be processed within 24 hours of receiving the emailed order confirmation.

Can we add fundraising?  Yes, we can add a fundraising amount to the base price of the team merchandise.  A rebate check will be issued after the store has closed and orders have been delivered.

Can we add team caps to the online store? For best service and pricing, caps are sold as bulk team orders due to required minimums and production lead time.

Can we add team suits to the online store? The online team store is for custom apparel and merchandise only.  Team suits are available for purchase in our University Mall retail store and at

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