Summer Solutions SOAP+

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A swimmer's skin suffers a special kind of abuse.
It needs a special remedy.

SOAP+ is specially made for swimmers using natural olive and palm oils plus a chlorine neutralizer. Combined with the moisturizing properties of glycerin and soy milk, SOAP+ is gentle on the skin and effectively washes away pool additives, chlorine and its odor.

Product Features

  • Natural ingredients: made with soy milk, olive oil, and palm oil
  • Gentle cleansing: safe for facial and daily use
  • Moisturizes & soothes: relieves itchy, dry skin
  • Just for swimmers: neutralizes chlorine, bromine, and other chemicals
  • Eliminates odors: gets rid of chlorine and other pool chemical smells
  • Fresh fragrance: light honeysuckle scent
  • Paraben-free: does not contain paraben preservatives
  • Package: 3.5oz bar, recyclable box

How to Use

  •  Wash normally using Soap+
  •  Lather well over the skin
  •  Rinse soap thoroughly, and the chlorine goes with it